The history
The members of the Delaforce family, of Huguenot origin, can trace their history back over 400 years.
Their involvement in the Port business dates from 1834 when John Fleurriet Delaforce came to Oporto to set up the new firm of Martinez Gassiot on behalf of its partners. In 1868 his son George Henry Delaforce founded his own firm, the House of Delaforce.
In the years that followed, Delaforce rapidly became established as one of the leading Port wine companies developing its sales in Germany, France, England, Ireland, Russia and the Scandinavian countries, as well as in Portugal itself. Between 1894 and 1906 the company was distinguished with a warrant as supplier of Port wine to the Portuguese Royal Household.

Over the years, Delaforce has developed a reputation for its outstanding blending and ageing skills which express themselves in the company’s renowned aged Tawny Ports, His Eminence’s Choice and Curious & Ancient. Both brands were originally created in the 1930’s.
The house is also celebrated for the elegant and finely-constituted Delaforce Vintage Ports produced from grapes grown in the Roncão and Rio Torto areas of the Douro.
Today, Delaforce is owned and run by Real Companhia Velha, also known as Royal Oporto, who have over 250 years of existence and uninterrupted activity in the Port Wine Trade.
Almost every Port style is represented in the Delaforce range of wines which are sold throughout the world. Its distinguished portfolio of products continues to earn the company its recognition as the master of the Port blend.