The Port Vineyards
Possessing a unique combination of geography, climate, grape variety and wine making tradition, the Douro valley is Europe's oldest demarcated wine region originally defined in 1756.
Lying about 100 Kms inland from the Atlantic Ocean, the vineyard region is separated from the temperate and humid climate of the coast by the Marão Mountains Its hot dry summers, rocky free-draining soil and unique thick skinned grapes produce the concentration and richness flavour which are the essential qualities of Port wine. The mountainous vineyards of the Douro valley are among the world's most spectacular. The oldest are planted on narrow walled terraces clinging to the vertiginous hillsides and are now classified as a World Heritage site. 

The Vineyards
The company sources grapes from its own vineyards located in the best A-classified areas of Rio Torto and Roncão valleys and also from long-term purchasing agreements from some premium estates.
Over 12 classic Douro grape varieties can be used to make Port but only a handful of the best are planted in the Delaforce vineyards, each contributing its unique character and flavour to the blend. These include the Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz. The grapes are selected and harvested by hand in mid September and, the case of the Delaforce vineyards, are placed in small trays which keep them in perfect condition during transport to the winery.