Fine White

Delaforce created this special style of White Port with a pale colour and medium sweetness that shows a pleasantly fruity bouquet - typical of Port, maintaing its pale colour over a long period.

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Fine Ruby

As the youngest Delaforce Port of its range, the Fine Ruby Port has a intense ruby colour and a fruity, character full bouquet. With an average aging of three years, this Fine Ruby has a smooth and satisfying taste, sporting its amazing value in terms of quality and price.

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Fine Tawny
An attractive, young Tawny Port that is lighter in colour and style than the Fine Ruby, while maintaining a good richness of flavour on the taste. It shows good maturity and character.
Technical File
How Port is made Port is part of the diverse and fascinating family of fortified wines, all of which are made by adding a small amount of grape spirit, or ‘brandy’, to the wine at some stage in the wine making process. The fortification of port is carried out as follows. Once the grapes have been crushed, the fermentation starts to convert the natural sugar of the grape juice into alcohol. At this time, the grape skins must be constantly submerged in the fermenting wine so that they release the natural substances which give the wine its structure, colour and flavour. For Delaforce’ s most prestigious wines this is done by foot treading, an expensive but very effective method. Other wines are made in specially designed fermentation tanks. When about half of the natural sugar of the grape juice has been fermented, a small amount of clean and neutral grape spirit is added to the wine. This fortification, as it is known, stops the fermentation and preserves some of the natural sweetness of the grape in the finished wine. The wine is then left to settle in large vats until early the following year when it is taken down to the coast to age in the cool and tranquil wine cellars, known as ‘lodges’, in Vila Nova de Gaia.

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