bottle of delaforce tawny 10 year old port wine

Delaforce 10 year old port

bottle of delaforce tawny 10 year old port wine

Tasting Notes:
This 10-year-old tawny Port has a nutty character with aromas of plums, dates and hints of walnut and toffee. Full and creamy with a sleek texture and notes of caramel and dried fruit. Medium-sweet with a fruit-forward finish and balancing acidity.

Varieties: Douro classic red varieties
Touriga Nacional
Touriga Franca
Tinta Roriz
Tinto Cão
Tinta Barroca
amongst others

Ageing & Blending:
When fine Ports are aged in seasoned oak casks for many years, they gradually lose their original deep purple colour and take on the delicate amber hue known as Tawny.  Simultaneously, the simple fruitiness of young Port gradually recedes giving way to a vast range of subtle and mellow flavours such as liquorice, walnuts, honey, figs, vanilla, spices and fine oak.

Ports with indication of age are blends of several years that have developed a refined taste, as the result of maturing in selected oak casks which provide the ageing and character typical of Old Tawnies.The wisdom and expertise of the cellar master ensures the best selection of Ports integrate the Delaforce 10 Year Old Tawny blend. Older Ports will bring complexity and maturity while younger ones offer vigour and freshness. The result is an Aged Tawny with the average age of 10 years.

Food Paring:
Mild cheeses, eggcustard, walnut ice cream, apple pie, tarte tatin, orange tart.